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Subway station light box

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The main station light box is composed of iron (aluminum) frame, glass and light source frame system. Such light box will be installed in the platform track of the subway line, and the light box will be mainly installed on the outdoor (inside) subway station platform track wall. Or independent installation, working environment temperature -5 ° to +40 °.

According to the current requirements of customers in the subway industry, the standard subway station lamp boxes are divided into the following specifications:
12 light boxes: size (L*H): 3000*1500mm
24 light boxes: size (L*H): 6000*1500mm

The thickness of the light box is slightly adjusted according to the actual situation of the customer. There are 180mm thickness and 200mm thickness. Our company can customize non-standard light boxes according to customer requirements and site conditions.

At present, our company has a full set of carbon steel, stainless steel and special aluminum profiles as the product of the shell frame, lamp source system (including light bar, reflective system) using Rimpson self-developed light bar and light source (can be customized according to customer requirements Light source or specified light source system supplier for production and processing); All of our self-made light box products meet the requirements of the metro industry customers and national technical standards.

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