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Customer service with the bill ( domestic sales department )
Requirements: Female, professional unlimited; able to operate word, Excel and other office software; dignified and quiet, decent, stable personality, responsible; have good communication skills and language skills.

Market Development ( Domestic Sales Department )
Requirements: male, professional open-minded; have a strong sense of responsibility, with a hard-working spirit; have good communication skills and customer service awareness; sense of direction, not motion sickness, accustomed to travel, a driver's license is preferred.

Foreign Trade Clerk ( Overseas Division )
Requirements: Male or female, International Economics and Trade, Customs Clearance and International Freight, Applied English (International Exchange) related majors, Excellent English literacy, able to quickly and skillfully write business English letters,
Speaking is good; a driver's license is preferred.

Clerk ( Planning Department )
Requirements: male or female, animation design and production, computer application technology, news interview and production related professional; master graphic design software, such as PS, AI, Coreldraw, flash, CAD, etc.;
Can independently design and produce WeChat version push information; good at thinking, diligent in learning, with communication and coordination and text organization capabilities, able to quickly grasp the knowledge related to the company's business.

Warehouse Manager ( Materials Department )
Requirements: male, professional unlimited; can skillfully operate the computer; clear-headed, strong data concepts, careful work, not afraid of trouble, strong sense of responsibility, serious and responsible work; a driver's license is preferred.

Product Development ( R & D Department )
Requirements: Male, Photovoltaic Application Technology, Applied Electronic Technology, Microelectronics Technology, Mechatronics related professional; Strong sense of responsibility, Good communication skills, Rigorous work, Positive and responsible.
Strong sense of teamwork.